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Featured Bar #1: Guardsman Lounge

If you enjoy hanging out at a comfortable old dive bar, then Guardsman Lounge will definitely provide you with an enjoyable experience. They've got cold beer, and their mixed drinks are made strong! Prices are low, as with any dive, so you can really get the party started without breaking the bank. If you want to watch the game or anything else, just let the bartenders know and they'll put the flat screen TVs on the station you'd like. Talk about accommodating service! Sit at the bar or kick back in the plush lounge seating; whichever you choose you're gonna love hanging out with a great drink and talking with friends. Put your favorite music on the Juke box and enjoy your time at Guardsman, located at 7850 Florence Ave, Downey, CA 90240! They're reachable by phone at (562) 927-1513.

Featured Bar #2: Premier Fiesta Mexicana

For some truly delicious Mexican cuisine, check out Bell Gardens' own Premier Fiesta Mexicana. They have an incredible open bar on Sundays for just $25, and how can you possibly beat that? The club atmosphere here is just too fun and you'll love dancing to the live music while you sip tonic after tonic and cocktail after cocktail. The drinks here are outstanding! The environment is restaurant meets club, and you'll definitely be entertained with live music and dancing. The food is incredibly authentic, and no matter what you order you're going to enjoy every bite! Dinner and late night are the prime times to pop in and enjoy this one. You'll want to look hot and dress to the nines, because the crowds are looking damn good here! PFM is located at 7300 Eastern Ave, Bell Gardens, CA 90201. Call them up at phone number (562) 806-9998.

Featured Bar #3: El Picante

We love mexican food, and El Picante is one of our favorites! It's just great and affordably priced, with a full bar at your fingertips so you can enjoy more than just margaritas with your meal! The carnitas plate is one of our top options here and we just love the green wet burritos and red wet burritos. The salsa is really fresh and flavorful and you'll definitely enjoy that with their homemade chips. Another tasteful dish is the Menudo or the Molcajete! This is one of the most authentic restaurants in the entire Bell Gardens area. Try the chilaquiles with carne asada and beans or the enchiladas with red sauce. We love that the tacos, burritos, and enchiladas are all absolutely stuffed full with goodness and the flavorful hosue made sauce is slathered on! This is truly like authentic home cooked food and we can't get enough! That's truly the best! Find this one at 6301 Florence Pl, Bell Gardens, CA 90201. Call them up at phone number (562) 928-3490.

Featured Bar #4: Hacker's Bar & Grill

Hacker's is a staple in the community. This casual neighborhood bar and grill is one of the best in the area, and the convenient location makes it a favorite among our customers. It's located on the Rio Hondo Golf Club premises, and it's really ideal for your sporting outings in this area, whether with our party bus company or on your own. They've got all your cafe favorites here including a delicious breakfast sandwich that makes for a perfect start to the day! Or for lunch, they have a delicious variety of sandwiches and steak fries, and they have the absolute best cocktails in the city! Not open too late, just til 8pm each night, so it's a perfect spot for a chill night sipping cocktails. TVs for sports and outdoor seating too! Hacker's Bar & Grill is located at 10627 Old River School Rd, Downey, CA 90240. If you feel the need to call, you can do so at (562) 806-5020.

Featured Bar #5: Applebee's

Applebee's is of course a chain restaurant and bar that we probably can't give you any new info on unless you're one of the very few who haven't ever dined there! And while it's a chain, we still love the friendly atmosphere of this one! The location in the Baldwin Park area is a a very popular choice among locals and our customers alike because it's so cozy. They've got a ton of great options on the menu and the bar area is the right spot to sit and chill while you sip cocktails with your party bus friends. The artichoke dip and margaritas are two of our favorite menu items, and we also have a taste for the honey barbecue boneless wings! Oh, and and their desserts definitely come to mind! There are many great Applebee's locations, but this one is located at 5700 Florence Ave, Bell Gardens, CA 90201. Call them up at phone number (323) 326-2020.

Featured Bar #6: The Stardust Club

Another favorite Limo Los Angeles dive bar in the Bell Gardens area, this one offers up awesome booming live music in a dim and comfortable atmosphere. The Stardust Cub is great dive bar and is definitely the place to go if you want incredible live music from some of the finest local Bell Gardens rock musicians. The Stardust is known for showcasing the most popular local talents and some of the best local metal bands have been known to play here. If the music isn't your thing, don't worry, you can enjoy your favorite Juke box music in their separate billiards room. Even better, to drink, they have cold beer by the bottle and incredible cocktails like Tokyo Tea, good and strong, but not cheap! The Stardust Club is easy to find over at 7643 Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA 90241. You can reach them via phone at (562) 928-5503.


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